Calcuim and Vitamin D Go Hand in Hand

Calcium is a mineral that is recommended to maintain strong bones.  Having a sufficient amount of calcium can help prevent osteoporosis or osteopenia. In order for your bones to absorb the calcium, it is necessary to obtain 20 minutes of sun to accumulate sufficient vitamin D.

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4 Responses to "Calcuim and Vitamin D Go Hand in Hand"

  1. Rosalina Rodwell

    Strong bones do come from good genes but supplementation of Calcium and Magnesium do come in handy. –

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  2. Bethel Seaney

    You can always get free Vitamin-D by just exposing yourself in the morning sun. The skin can manufacture its own vitamin-d. :

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  3. Shea Kerens

    Bones are constantly varying with the times and therefore old bones are replaced instead by new ones . With the growth in actual age , your bones beginning to build up fragile . 99 per cent of physique calcium is kept in your bones . Calcium is extremely vital it is employed by human body for effective working of your muscles or even neural system . We primarily just acquire calcium from our meal or possibly other stuff we consume due to the fact physique never produce calcium independently . Too little availability of calcium will mean system will probably make use of the bones calcium . Just as female grows over thirty , body system will start dropping the bone mass more quickly when compared with the frequency of on which human body substitutes it . This raises the threat of getting affected by Osteoporosis . The ladies are more inclined to be impacted prior to adult males seeing that their bones are smaller in size as well as thinner than males . –

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