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halloween candyIt's that time of year - the unofficial start of the unofficial holiday "Butterfest", that period from October 31st to January 1st.
Seems like starting with our wickedly wonderful tradition of begging for treats, comes a landslide of temptations and an overload of sugar and fat.  How DO you manage to enjoy but not overdue, especially with candy? Weight Watchers has some great suggestions: *Buy late and don't open the bag until Halloween night, less temptation. *Choose candy you.
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Did you know it takes 3500 calories burned to lose 1lb? To lose a pound per week, one just needs to be “negative” 500 calories per day. Being “negative” 500 calories per day means that you burn 500 more calories than you consume. It’s easy! When paired with a work out, this could mean just cutting one dessert or one... soft drink out of your diet per day!.
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