Stick with Your Fitness Routine While Even While You Travel

It may be difficult to stick to your fitness routine while traveling, depending on your reasons for traveling. However, with adequate preparation you can always find ways to perform some type of exercise every day. One of the first things to do before you take off is to be sure to pack a pair of sneakers and appropriate clothing. Without these items, you will most likely be stuck in your hotel room walking back and forth from the bedroom and bathroom which is no fun. However, there are now many exercise apps that can be downloaded and offer various exercises for people who stay in hotels without equipment. These exercises vary in intensity and may include calisthenic type exercises like sit ups, squats, leg lifts or crunches, or even full fledged fitness classes.

  • Today, most large hotel chains have either a swimming pool or an exercise room. Most of these are open 24/7 and offer a variety of exercise equipment. Swimming is available in most hotels and some even have indoor pools.
  • If exercising in a hotel is not your thing, then you can check out some of the gyms in the vicinity. Most cities have studios and gyms that are willing to accommodate visitors for a small fee. Or if you already are a member with a large chain, do your research ahead of time and find out if the same gym exists in your visiting city.
  • Jogging is a great way to exercise almost anywhere. You do not need a gym of course, only a pair of running shoes and sweat pants. Not only is jogging a great way to explore your environment, but you may also find other people who want to join you.
  • If you are a cyclist, many cities now have bicycle-sharing programs. The bike can be rented per hour or the whole day, and biking provides great exercise and allows you to visit destinations which you may otherwise miss.
  • Finally, there is one exercise that can be done almost anywhere and does not require any equipment at all- walking. Walking a great exercise but keep in mind that it is recommended that you walk briskly for at least 30-45 minutes. Walking allows you to lose 300 calories in an hour (depending on your weight and walking intensity), which may not sound a lot but within seven days this is about 2100 calories and gets you closer to a pound of weight loss.

Of course traveling will always alter your normal exercise routine, but with planning, you can at least be sure to stay on track without missing a beat.  Within a few days of returning home, you can slowly get back in your normal rhythm and routine.

Contributor: Kim Farmer of Mile High Fitness & Wellness. Mile High Fitness & Wellness offers in-home personal training and corporate fitness solutions.  Visit or email


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