Q?Can I meet your trainer before I sign up for sessions?

Yes, if you request it, we can offer a meet and greet session with our trainer(s) prior to you signing on with us.  We understand that this could be a big decision for you and your family and we want to make sure we are the best fit for you.

Q?Can you help me with nutrition?

Yes our trainers can help guide you to make the right nutrition choices.  If you prefer, we can help you work with our nutritionists to create a meal plan for you that will work in conjunction with your exercise program.

Q?I don’t have a gym, can you still work with me?

We want to educate you on the many different ways that you can work out at home with no equipment or with the equipment that you have.  Although many of our trainers have their own portable equipment, they can also help you determine what equipment (if any) that would be helpful for you to purchase to help you stay consistent although this is not required.

Q?I don’t have a lot of space at home. Can you still help?

Many people have a small area at home that can be used and don’t realize it since the space doesn’t need to be that big.  Nevertheless, many of our trainers have their own studios that you can visit or there are many exercises that can be done outside.  Our trainers can help you determine the best options for you based on all resources available.

Q?What if my spouse or friend wants to join, is that ok?

Absolutely!  We understand the importance of social support so we encourage friends and/or family to join.  This will actually decrease the per session amount you will spend, and help keep you accountable.

Q?How much experience do your trainers have?

We ensure that all of our trainers are certified, educated and qualified to work with you. While some of our trainers are more experienced than others, your needs will always be met with great customer service, and a trainer that is qualified to exceed your expectations.

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