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Women who live near Denver, CO who have been trying to be healthier in the past can join a Denver boot camp and invite fellow women over for one fitness goal.

Organizing a Denver Fitness Boot Camp

Women love to be around their friends and there are times when these women cannot perform a single task in the absence of their girlfriends. One of these activities is keeping their bodies and lifestyle healthy. Attending a boot camp can change this.

A woman who wants to start a boot camp for her and her girlfriends around Denver can actually complete the task as long as she has the discipline and the motivation to do so. There are two things that she needs to accomplish before inviting her friends and other women around the neighborhood for this event.

The first thing that an organizer must accomplish is to research and contact the right people. This simply means that she must seek out experts and professional women who can give advice about the exercises and the possible dangers of undergoing such workouts. The organizer should also ensure that a medical practitioner is present or is on call during the boot camp in case of emergencies.

The second thing that the organizer must have done is to find the perfect location for the boot camp. The location will depend on the total number of participants who signed up for the event, but Denver has plenty of locations that will work.

Suggested Boot Camp Workouts

Women change minds and moods often. That simple fact makes it hard for an organizer to keep these women interested all throughout the boot camp. If the boot camp is scheduled at least once a week, it is essential for the organizer to come up with activities that will not only lead to amazing results but are also challenging for the participants.

The truth is there are several fitness boot camp workouts and exercises that an organizer can consider, but if the participants want fun yet challenging tasks during the camp the organizer can use the following workouts.

1. Partner Exercises

The first option is what the experts call partner exercises. How do these work? The participants of the camp are divided into pairs. Each pair will be tasked and expected to complete the exercises together.

2. Numbered Sets

The second option is to let the women perform numbered exercises. What does this mean? Organizers will challenge campers to perform ten push-ups, fifteen squats, twenty laps and so on.

3. Circuits

The third option is to come up with a few stations depending on the number of participants in the boot camp. A camper is expected to complete an exercise for thirty or sixty seconds before she is allowed to move to another station.

4. Obstacle Courses

The fourth option is to create obstacle courses because obstacles will always be challenging and at the same time fun for women who are also very competitive. Organizers can use ladders, cones and even tires to turn the camp into an obstacle course.

5. Team Competition

The final option is to have team competitions. Organizers can divide women into groups and let them compete with several workouts. Teamwork will be developed in this type of workout. For the participants to take this competition seriously, organizers can come up with a prize for the winning team and a penalty (not a harsh one, though) for the losing team.

The Week before the Fitness Boot Camp

There will always be women who do not want to be part of a boot camp for fitness because of one reason. These ladies personally think that they are not yet prepared to start a specific fitness program.

There are five simple steps that a woman who would love to participate in a fitness boot camp soon can execute. She must perform these steps at least a few days before the scheduled boot camp.

1. Stretch

The first step is to do some stretching. A woman must stretch so that her muscles will loosen up and at the same time her blood flow will progress. Once the blood flow is improved, the oxygen in her body can effortlessly pass all throughout the body which results to her feeling anew.

2. Walk

The second step is to walk around. This simply means that the woman should allot more time for standing, walking or even jogging and less time for sitting and lounging around.

3. Sleep

The third step is to have adequate sleep. A woman who has enough hours of sleep is unlikely to gain any abdominal fat because her hormones are controlled.

4. Go Out

The fourth step is to go out and get some Vitamin D. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. A woman basically needs to go out of her house and get some sunshine. The best time to go out is from seven until nine in the morning.

5. Eat Slowly

The final step is to eat slowly at home. A woman is advised to cook her preferred food at home because she is sure that the food is healthy. It is also recommended that she eats her food slowly. In the end, she will discover that she felt full with lesser food intake.

The Benefits of Joining a Boot Camp in Denver

Participating in a fitness boot camp has several benefits especially for women who cannot exercise without their girlfriends. Some of the benefits of attending boot camps are listed below.

The first benefit is that boot camp activities help in losing weight and toning muscles. This is possible because most of the workouts and techniques used by camp trainers are geared towards resistance and weight training. In the long run, a woman’s metabolism is boosted which results in weight loss and more calories burned all throughout the day.

The second benefit is that some camp activities focus on cardiovascular training. This ensures that women do not develop any cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke which also means that the heart is healthy.

The final benefit is that the women learn more about time management. This means that a busy woman can still work out even when she is willing to spare just forty-five minutes or an hour for that each day. If you would like to join a Denver boot camp or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Kim Farmer, a Denver Boot Camp specialist, at (720) 436-3899 or request a fitness and nutrition consultation.

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