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A healthy diet includes snacks to help you get through the day.  Be sure you are getting the most out of your snack by including fiber in your snack choices.  Fiber filled snacks are not only healthy, but the fiber helps keep you sated so you will eat less. Here are some healthy snack choices:
  • Instead of a Snickers Bar (250 Calories), choose 1 cup of grapes (104 calories) and 2 dark chocolate squares (110 calories) [Total 214 calories]
  • Instead of an individual (1.5 ounce) bag of Goldfish.
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Are you a constant sufferer of the dreaded 3pm energy slump? Us too, and it’s easy to see why: after scarfing down lunch at your desk and not getting up since, your energy is bound to be at its lowest. Instead of running to Starbucks for a caffeine pick-me-up, why not try a midday workout instead? Yeah, it sounds crazy, but it turns out that it could be the answer to many of our energy and fitness issues.

“One of the biggest misconceptions people.

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With technology at full speed ahead, many workout programs have gone digital. While technology has been great in advancing our health and fitness regimens, there are many tools that have been around for a long time, and are the tried-and-true way of getting results. From weights to jump ropes and beyond, we’re going old school to give you the scoop on fitness gear that works as hard as you do.

Free Weights

We all know that weight training is a good way to build muscle and tone.
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Will heavy weights make us bulky? Is cardio the best exercise to burn fat? Not quite says Jean-Claude Vacassin, as he debunks the top five fitness myths. With so many conflicting ideas about the best way to get fit, lose fat and be strong and healthy, it can be difficult to separate the wood from the trees. To help you in the right direction, here are the five biggest fitness myths debunked. 1. Eat less to lose weight: This is one of the most hotly debated areas.
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It's not so easy to choose the right nutrition bar these days. Besides seeing countless brands on the market, there are a ton of different ingredients and health claims to shuffle through. Do you pick high protein? Gluten-free? What about low-fat? The options are endless. That's why we turned to registered dietitian Alyse Levine, founder of Nutritionbite, to find out what to look for and what to steer clear from when it comes to nutrition bars. "Different nutrition bars provide specific benefits and cater to.
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