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If you’re a self-profe ssed homebody, you could seriously benefit from a change of scenery. Spending time in nature could improve your physical and mental health, ward off illness, and actually make you happier! 

As the Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, once said, “Nature itself is the best physician.” If you’re curious about the health benefits you can reap from being outside, read on! Below, we cover 13 reasons to.

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Through the decades, research has shown that exercise only many physical benefits for the body. Countless studies showed that regular exercise results in a healthy body weight, improved stamina,  increased energy, and improved functioning of the joints and muscles. About 20 years ago, reports started to appear that exercise also leads to improved mental health and the overall well-being of the individual. Individuals who exercised regularly stated that they felt mentally stable, were better able to concentrate, had a happier mood, remained focused and motivated. 

Today exercise is widely.

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Being physically active doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym for 30 minutes.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may stay active due to the nature of your job, hobbies or school life.  Your fitness level isn’t necessarily determined by what you choose to do for daily physical activity but it certainly plays a part.  Unfortunately assessing fitness does not have one magical formula that applies to all individuals as there are many factors that influence your degree of fitness like muscle tissue type, lifestyle, body weight and height, nutrition and.

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Will you make healthier decisons when you make your next trip to the grocery store?  Take heed to some of  these practical tips for making healther choices when you choose your next lunch or snack item:
1.  If you must choose frozen meals, choose those that contain less than 750 milligrams of sodium per serving instead of the high-sodium varieties.  This is one-third of the sodium most people should have in a day which makes it a reasonable amount for a meal.  Pay attention to the serving.
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Are you tired of your typical fitness routine? Have you always thought about participating in an organized race? Check out one of these fun runs to get out of your fitness rut.

The Color Run

Where: Cities Nationwide Length: 5k Grab your friends, some white-on-white running gear and get ready to be painted. At every kilometer, runners are spritzed with a new color of paint by volunteers, spectators and staff members to indicate how far they’ve made it in the race. Also known as the “happiest 5k on.
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