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Look around any gym or studio and you'll quickly understand why more than 21 million Americans are turning to their mats to practice meditation and mindfulness, according to the Yoga Journal. Although yoga is practiced throughout the country, several major cities stand out as yoga capitals, with each honing a particular style and culture of their own. Below are America's major yoga capitals and what you should know about them before visiting.

New York City

The same city known for its hustle and bustle is also one.
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You’ve heard that exercising with a friend is beneficial because you are accountable to someone else, and less likely to skip a workout.  Not to mention the social nature of having a workout buddy. But finding someone with the same schedule as you on a day to day basis is nearly impossible. Well, look no further than your own feet, where your faithful, furry companion is most likely sitting.  Take advantage of this always-available four-legged friend and you will both be happier and healthier as.
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Are you looking for new and fun ways to get your partner outside? There are a lot of ways to get your partner interested in joining you outside, even if they are not the biggest fan of the outdoors. By finding new interests you both like, you and your partner are sure to be adventure buddies in no time.

Learn Something New Together

It can be intimidating to join your marathoner of a companion for an afternoon jog or your semi-pro golfing buddy for a day on.
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