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Ask any outdoors enthusiast to build a holiday wish list and they could easily come up with 100+ toys. Recreating in nature is not without its tools. Many outdoors retailers offer fantastic gift guides for the holiday season, but here are a few fresh items your outdoorsy loved ones will cherish:

Gifts for Him

The Classic Flannel Shirt - A quality flannel shirt is an essential piece of clothing for every outdoorsman. Find one that is made from a soft-yet-durable wool blend and.
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Most people put in a lot of physical effort throughout spring and summer to keep their bodies fit and trim. Come Fall, many people put their sports gear away, wait for the holiday season and then put on weight. Then they struggle to get rid of their waistline for summer again. Just because it is Fall does not mean one cannot exercise. Fall is the perfect time to exercise- the weather is nice, the air is crisp and cool and the scenery is gorgeous. In.
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Summer is a great time to get fit. You can run, cycle, swim, hike and do other athletic activities outside. However, you need to know how to stay safe during your workouts. Don't land yourself inside this summer with a torn muscle or heat cramps; put safety first with the following tips:

Consider the Time of Day

No matter the activity you choose, the time of day when you work out should be considered. The hours between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. are the hottest, putting you.
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Summer is a great time of year to spend time outdoors, but with the dog days of summer fast approaching, exercising outdoors in the extreme heat comes with some risks. Here are some tips for safely exercising outdoors in the hot, summer months.
  1. Exercise during the cooler times of the day. Take advantage of the early morning hours.  Or if morning is not your thing, late evening hours when the sun is less intense will work, too. Catching up on your sleep on the weekends sure.
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When it comes to running, if your mind is saying yes, but your body says no, it's time to transform your relationship. Instead of focusing on how difficult running can be at times, find aspects that attract you to it. Here are some suggestions to help you find your stride to transform your relationship from hate to love.

Find a Buddy

It's always easier to start a new workout regime with a buddy who has similar goals. Not only will you keep each other accountable to the.
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