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Will you make healthier decisons when you make your next trip to the grocery store?  Take heed to some of  these practical tips for making healther choices when you choose your next lunch or snack item:
1.  If you must choose frozen meals, choose those that contain less than 750 milligrams of sodium per serving instead of the high-sodium varieties.  This is one-third of the sodium most people should have in a day which makes it a reasonable amount for a meal.  Pay attention to the serving.
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Most of us use the scale to determine how much progress we  make toward better health and fitness; however body composition is one of the most important indicators for general health. The most commonly used measurement of body composition is Body Mass Index (BMI). While there are many ways to measure body composition, there are also many factors that determine body composition which can make for a complicated understanding. Throughout the health and fitness world, using BMI measurements to determine weight classification has received a lot.
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Are you tired of your typical fitness routine? Have you always thought about participating in an organized race? Check out one of these fun runs to get out of your fitness rut.

The Color Run

Where: Cities Nationwide Length: 5k Grab your friends, some white-on-white running gear and get ready to be painted. At every kilometer, runners are spritzed with a new color of paint by volunteers, spectators and staff members to indicate how far they’ve made it in the race. Also known as the “happiest 5k on.
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Between a jam-packed social calendar, quality time with family and all of the shopping that needs to be done, maintaining your workout schedule seems impossible this time of year. But then there are the cookies... and the pies... and the indulgent cocktail parties and dinners... and letting your fitness slide isn't an option, either. To look and feel your best this holiday season, stay motivated with these strategies.

Plan Ahead

Plan your workout schedule at least a couple weeks in advance. This ensures that you have time.
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