Monthly Archives: January 2015

A 2014 REI survey shows that two in five Americans are outdoor enthusiasts and that 73 percent of those outdoor enthusiasts want to spend even more time outside in 2015. That means hikers and outdoor adventurers will be venturing out during the wintertime. But, before you go, here's what you need to know.

Layer Up

It's really important for winter hikers to dress for safety and comfort while out on the trail. Experienced hikers often cite packing multiple layers and a hat as the two most important.
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Another new year, another new fitness goal. Rather than renew your dusty gym membership or make another annual attempt at outdoor running, try something new, something adventurous. The following unique activities can motivate you to get into shape and simply move more. Ditch those 60 boring minutes on the stationary bike and make a New Year's resolution to get fit with any of these three ideas.

Build an Obstacle Course

Imagine building strength and cardio endurance right in your backyard. With some DIY skill and basic materials, you.
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