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love-your-body-posterRemember what it was like to be 14, 15, 16?  Hoping you looked half as cool, gorgeous, desirable as you wanted?  If you have, or know teenagers, you know that body image and self-esteem are very present issues.  Even children younger than pre-teens can engage in negative self-talk about their own body image.  As I've experienced with my own children.

Adults in the lives of children have an ever-present responsibility to.

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Most of us use the scale to determine how much progress we  make toward better health and fitness; however body composition is one of the most important indicators for general health. The most commonly used measurement of body composition is Body Mass Index (BMI). While there are many ways to measure body composition, there are also many factors that determine body composition which can make for a complicated understanding. Throughout the health and fitness world, using BMI measurements to determine weight classification has received a lot.
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