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Eating and Weight Psychology- Conference Call
Have you ever started living a healthy lifestyle and then allowed life’s inevitable circumstances to curtail your efforts?  Starting a diet, stopping a diet, starting an exercise program, stopping the program….you get the point.  Learn how to create a lifestyle that will work for you for…well…. LIFE!  Join this FREE call Thursday, Aug 8th 7:00-8:00PM Call in #(605) 477 2100  Passcode 409053#
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When people think of health and wellness they tend to think of physical, mental, and emotional health, but there is another area of wellness that is often overlooked or ignored: social wellness, which refers to one’s ability to interact with the people around them and forge meaningful relationships1. People who neglect social wellness often encounter obstacles when trying to make healthy changes in their lives… Why is that?

If you are lacking in social wellness you are often lacking meaningful relationships with people who.

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It’s that time of year again, so get ready to run around outside and play in the wonderful summer sunshine! With the seasonal increase in temperature it is important to remember to increase your fluid intake accordingly; especially when times of extreme temperatures and humidity levels make is harder to exercise outside.  It is important to always start a workout fully hydrated or even overhydrating before a workout as this can help stave off dehydration during exercise and lower your chances of.

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