Monthly Archives: May 2010

Will you make healthier decisons when you make your next trip to the grocery store?  For many of us, our busy on-the-go schedules makes it challenging to make healthy choices.   Take heed to some of  these practical tips for making healther choices when you choose your next lunch or snack item:
1.  If you must choose frozen meals, choose those that contain less than 750 milligrams of sodium per serving instead of the high-sodium varieties.  This is one-third of the sodium most people should have in.
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With over 30,000 health clubs with 45.5 million members, you are probably one of the many millions that have a gym membership.  Unfortunately, the average American visits their gym a mere 89 times per year! Since a lack of time is cited as the number one reason (or excuse!) for people not exercising, it is noteworthy to consider alternative methods of checking the daily exercise goal off of your list.  Read these tips for exercising even when you can't make it to the.
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