Monthly Archives: March 2010

If you loved to play volleyball in high school, then you should keep playing as an adult.  Since we all have very busy schedules and limited energy, the precious time we spend exercising should be enjoyed.  If you were on your high school or college tennis or basketball league, you should think about taking it up again even in your more mature years.  Follow these principles:
1.  Even if you do have an existing exercise regimen, your body needs a change from the norm from.
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Snacking can ruin a diet, increase the size of your love handles and put your favorite pair of jeans out of commission.  But it can also give you energy, help keep the pounds under control, and help your eating habitsRead these tips to learn how to incorporate smart snacking into your daily eating routine: 1.  Even if you are trying to lose weight, snacking is NOT off limits.  Eating more often throughout the day can actually help you lose weight.  The.
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