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Learn the truth about cellulite treatments! If you are a woman over 18 years old, then you have likely experienced some form of cellulite. Contrary to popular belief, being overweight is NOT requirement for developing cellulite. In fact, over 90% of women get cellulite at some point after the adolescent years and just like many other unwanted imperfections, its removal has sparked a multi-million dollar industry. Lotions, creams, massages and costly treatments promise to get rid of it, but are the promises accurate? Read on to.
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Your workout routine is going great and you are feeling good about yourself and the results of your hard work. But then you find yourself under the weather. We have all been there. Is this an excuse to get out of your workout? Do you need to sit out, maybe disrupting the routine you have worked out to establish? The answer depends on the illness. As a rule of thumb, most medical professionals will advise continuing your workout routine (albeit at a lower intensity) if the.
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triathlon2 If you have a competitive streak and want to challenge yourself, a triathlon could be a great choice to take you to the next level.  You can do it even if you don’t yet know how to swim and have never run a day in your life.  The key is to take it in small steps until you can hardly wait to find one in your own neighborhood. July and August are a great time to start.
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increased stamina
Physical Stamina – The Key to a Long Life
Physical stamina is vital to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.  There is a saying, "you are what you eat," and while this is very true, taking the right type of exercise, as well as paying attention to your diet, will ensure that you remain physically and mentally active and keep your physical stamina at its maximum.
Obesity and the Effect on Physical Stamina
Obesity is one.
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