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Physical Stamina – The Key to a Long Life
Physical stamina is vital to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.  There is a saying, "you are what you eat," and while this is very true, taking the right type of exercise, as well as paying attention to your diet, will ensure that you remain physically and mentally active and keep your physical stamina at its maximum.
Obesity and the Effect on Physical Stamina
Obesity is one.
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zumba imageIt's really easy to get caught in an exercise rut.  We tend to go to what is familiar, easy, and known.  Have you tried to shake things up a bit?  Ever tried a Zumba workout??  We offer several classes each week and would LOVE to see you there!  Grab a friend and drop in - your first chance is tonight!!

Zumba!! Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 PM Thornton Senior Center 9471 Dorothy Blvd in Thornton, CO $8 Drop in, $60R/$65NR.
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fitnessWe hope that whatever your summer plans may be, they include daily movement AND that you make it fun!  Exercise is always so much easier to "fit in" when it's fun.

After stuffy workouts indoors throughout the winter, it's always so nice to be able to move outside and get some fresh air too!

What are some of your favorite summertime fitness activities?  Tell us what you do that the.

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kids yogaLove yoga?  Never done yoga?  When considering exercise options for children, yoga isn't always the first thing you think of, but it's great exercise for kids and they love it!  The best part, it's a non-invasive form of exercise and works well for adults and children to participate together.  Here’s a great list of yoga poses you can do with children.  These easy-to-do poses are great for kids and parents;.

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COVER_Interval BlastGain strength and get cardio with this interval blast workout. Challenging cardio segments with easy to follow basic moves. Only 2 resistance bands or dumbbells required. Approx. 45 min., for all levels.  Visit our website to order yours today!  These DVDs individually or as a set make a great gift for a friend, loved one or even yourself.  Pair it with a towel, water bottle, and a "pass" for you to.

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