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Many people mistakenly believe that if you exercise on an empty stomach, you will burn more fat and more calories. Would you take a road trip in your car without putting gas in it? Of course not!  The truth is that your body needs energy in the form of carbohydrates to keep it going efficiently during and after your workout--without it, you may feel tired and drained.  Follow these three tips to stay fueled during your next workout: 1.  Timing is Everything!.
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If you loved to play volleyball in high school, then you should keep playing as an adult.  Since we all have very busy schedules and limited energy, the precious time we spend exercising should be enjoyed.  If you were on your high school or college tennis or basketball league, you should think about taking it up again even in your more mature years.  Follow these principles:
1.  Even if you do have an existing exercise regimen, your body needs a change from the norm from.
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Your home environment plays a large role in your successful quest toward a healthier lifestyle.  There is a direct correlation between the number of TVs you have, how visible you keep healthy foods vs. not so healthy foods, and how easy it is for you to get up and exercise.  If you want to see changes in your health, then you must make changes in your environment at home (and at work).  Use these tips to help you make the transition:
1.  How many.
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