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brown bag lunch10 Easy Lunch Ideas

American Dietetic Association spokesperson Angela Ginn-Meadow, RD, says planning ahead is essential for quick lunch assembly. "A planned menu with all the ingredients in the kitchen will make it easy to put together tomorrow's lunch after dinner," she says. She compiled this grocery list for a week's worth of lunches costing $5 or less a day (assuming you already have salad dressings on hand): Whole wheat pita bread Romaine lettuce 2 tomatoes 1 cucumber
1 bag baby.
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triathlon2 If you have a competitive streak and want to challenge yourself, a triathlon could be a great choice to take you to the next level.  You can do it even if you don’t yet know how to swim and have never run a day in your life.  The key is to take it in small steps until you can hardly wait to find one in your own neighborhood. July and August are a great time to start.
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Ever wonder what you can do to increase your metabolism? Did you know there are foods that you can eat and drink to help boost your metabolism? Increasing your metabolism helps to burn more calories and raise your energy level.

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This may or may not be news to you, but in case you've missed it, in recent years there has apple juicebeen concern that fruit juices and smoothies have nearly as much sugar as non-diet sodas.  Here's an interesting article highlighting some research on this very topic. We all know you just can't beat water, but what's your favorite go-to healthy drink?.
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