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Do you avoid exercise because you don’t like to sweat?  It’s understandable if you are not a big fan of some of the side effects of sweating like clammy hands, clothing stains, hairstyles gone bad and let’s not forget that lovely, distinctive odor.  However no two people sweat the same amount even under the same conditions which is why the guy on the treadmill next to you might be dry as a bone and able to go back to work as fresh.

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When people think of health and wellness they tend to think of physical, mental, and emotional health, but there is another area of wellness that is often overlooked or ignored: social wellness, which refers to one’s ability to interact with the people around them and forge meaningful relationships1. People who neglect social wellness often encounter obstacles when trying to make healthy changes in their lives… Why is that?

If you are lacking in social wellness you are often lacking meaningful relationships with people who.

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Over the past 30 years there has been a shift in the way society behaves, works, and expects to work due to huge advances in technology1. This slow yet steady shift has turned America into a near-complete sedentary society. Technological progress and all the wonderful things that it does has turned the vast majority of Americans into sedentary blobs at work, at home, and at “play”. Be it the cushy office job that so many people covet, to watching T.V., to playing video games; all.
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It has been said that it takes just 21 days to make anything a habit, but with the struggle that most Americans go through of starting and sticking with an exercise program, you have to wonder if this saying applies to exercise.  Most of us don’t have a hard time starting an exercise program; it is the problem of starting it over and over and over again.

But there are some ways to keep it going.  Many people have committed to their.

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Here's How to Lose the Weight.....
.....Without dieting that is.  D-I-E-T is a four letter word that should be expunged from
our vocabularies unless the word itself helps you to remember to cut back on certain foods.  When you have decided to lose an extra 10 pounds (or maybe the last 10 pounds), keep these things in mind:
1.  Create goals for yourself, write them down and stick to it. What's the point in having a.
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