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eat smartAs we age, our eating habits definitely change.  Many people find they are less hungry in their later years.  People's tastes change, and perhaps due to health issues, or dental concerns, WHAT they eat must change.  We're always looking for links and resources regarding all aspects of fitness and nutrition.

Here’s a link to a fantastic resource for older adults focusing on nurtition for those over 60.  It’s got a.

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heartshapedfruitsnvegIf you have an elderly loved one or friend, no doubt you've noticed in these later years that they may become forgetful.  While this is usually perceived as pretty normal, sometimes as we age, we develop worse conditions such as dementia or worse.

Here’s some news to make you say, “wow”!  A decrease in cardiovascular disease is apparently the reason that dementia is declining among older people, those 75 and above according to.

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senior blog...research in Pennsylvania suggests, no.

According to researchers at Penn State and Geisinger Healthcare System dieting in folks 75 and over doesn’t seem to have much effect on their overall health.  We thought this was quite interesting.  We have become quite food and body aware these days and that's something that's something that's relevant to all age groups.  Just because we are food and body "aware" doesn't mean we do anything about.

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