Spring Training: Race For A Cause

Spring is in the air and there’s no better time to start running. The changing of seasons can provide a fresh start for you and your fitness routine. And if the nicer weather isn’t enough to motivate you, it’s also the time of year that races pop up almost every weekend, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Running to Fundraise

Many of the most fun and well-known races exist with the purpose of raising money for nonprofits. Keeping in mind a cause that’s bigger than yourself can provide a solid foundation to get into the swing of training and stick to a plan. The pull of doing something for the greater good is a great motivator for someone who may never have attempted an endurance run otherwise!

But before you start taking your sweat sessions outdoors to log training miles on the pavement: how do you determine which race is right for you? Asking yourself the following questions can help guide your decision.

  • Is there a cause that stands out to you or affects someone close to you? Are there races (near or far) that contribute to this cause?

  • Is your workplace affiliated with any local charities?

  • Is there a destination you’ve always wanted to vacation? What upcoming races are going on there?

  • Do you know anyone training for a race who you’d like to run with? Is there a local training group you’d like to join?

  • Is there a race you’ve heard of any always wanted to participate in?

Have Fun Making A Difference

Still not sure what race can motivate you to lace up? Grab a friend and check out the following. These are some of the most popular options, known for the causes they represent and/or the experience they provide.

  • Love music? Check out the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series that gives you a variety of destinations and charity bibs to choose from.

  • Looking for a large race and a New York City experience? The New York City Marathon has more than 350 official charity partners to choose from.

  • Shorter distances more your speed? The ever-popular Susan G Komen Race For The Cure has done so much for breast cancer research. There are races put in in many locations by local affiliates.

  • Want to make a difference in your own hometown? The Run 10 Feed 10 allows you to participate from anywhere. Sign up and run 10k to feed 10 hungry people in your town.

  • Are you interested in becoming a hero for a sick child or their family? Sign up to become a St. Jude’s Hero and run to help kids diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

  • Are you a Disney lover? Disney offers tons of different happy, fun race experiences. They also have a section for charities to register.

The success of events like this and all they can deliver mean that new options are popping up daily. No matter which race(s) you choose, make sure to land on something that really speaks to you and your goals. It’ll help hit the road even when you don’t feel like it. Getting out the door on days when the weather is less than ideal becomes easier when there’s a greater cause in mind. And sticking with something you’re passionate about will help you rally to raise as much money as possible to donate!

Running is about feeling good, and a charity race will help amplify that feeling. Be proud of what you can accomplish both on the run and by giving back!

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