How to motivate kids to keep moving? A little friendly competition…

kids_fitnessTrying to get kids to make exercise and fitness can be a challenge with so many distractions available to them these days.  Just telling them how important this is, isn’t enough, you have to find a way to help them motivate themselves.  Here’s an interesting article about a company that’s created a power band (think Body Bugg) that kids wear throughout the day to track their physical movement, duration, and range of motion.  The kids can upload their data to the computer at the end of a day, and through the company website interact with peers and see who’s done more exercise for the day.  A neat way to meet kids where they are and get them to connect their movement to good health!  If we can get them to take an interest, in any way, we can set them up for a lifelong habit of exercise! Today’s question:  What do you think of this product, a good idea or not?

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