Healthy eating for senior citizens

senior healthy eatingJust like when we are kids, our food tastes and preferences change over the years as well as the number calories we need at various stages in life.  We also have a need for different nutrients at different ages.  As we age, and with such a large number of “baby boomers” over 55 and above, there’s a lot of increased information “out there” about how you should eat when you’ve reached this age of distinction. 🙂 We have found a great resource with a lot of excellent information about healthy eating for senior citizens.  You’ll find information from what kinds of nutrients you need more of as you age to calorie guidelines for the “over 55” crowd, and more!  This article will provide you with plenty of great information to help guide you or a loved one/friend.

We love it when you talk back to us!  Today’s question:  If you are in (or know someone in) the “over 55” crowd, how have you found your eating habits/needs have changed?


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