Get Fitness Help from a Workout App

You’ve heard it all before: no time, budget is tight, dog ate my gym shoes. However, the first two excuses (and most common ones to hear) can be non-factors with the click of a (smart phone) button. There are apps for everything to make your life easier, but one that you should consider downloading is a fitness or workout app that will help you with your personal fitness endeavor.

We are all busy people, let’s face it. But what if your workout only took 7 minutes of your time each day? Everyone can squeeze 7 minutes out of their day. And about that tight budget, there are plenty of apps that are free.  Not only that, but if you tend to be a slacker and slip a day (or two or three) the workout app will remind you to get moving! Many will also track your results and update you on progress you have made.

Just check iTunes or Google Play Store for an app that looks good to you. There are several workout apps to choose from, and many (but not all) are free.  One in particular is called 7 Minute Workout and is free to both iPhone and Android users.  It is based on 12 exercises performed as a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout; 30 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest. The only equipment you need is a wall and a chair.

No more excuses! It is time to use that smart phone (or iPad) for something beneficial to your health and well being.

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