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Test yourself often. Every 4 weeks, measure a variable—waist size, body fat, bench press—that equates to your end goal. "It'll show you the tangible results of your training," says Craig Ballantyne, C.S.C.S., a trainer in Canada. And that translates into motivation. How do you keep track of your progress?.
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Part of the normal aging process includes losing muscle mass.  This combined with lower levels of activity and hormone changes causes us to gain weight as they age. However, the more you are able to maintain a solid base of muscle mass, the higher your metabolism will be and you will burn more calories even at rest. By lifting moderately heavy weights, a weight that you can only lift 8-10 times, you can see some amazing changes in your body, and you will find.

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Sound a little oxymoronic to you?  Soft drink companies are doing whatever they can to keep your business amongst the bombarding of natural juice and energy drink companies, even down to making soft drinks sound like part of a balanced diet.  According to the marketing messages, added vitamins and minerals make the carbonated beverages more functional.  But do they?  Read on to learn more: 1.  Keeping in mind that beverages are one of the causes of overweight and obese problems in most kids and adults, Read more
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