Fitness Matters

Sound a little oxymoronic to you?  Soft drink companies are doing whatever they can to keep your business amongst the bombarding of natural juice and energy drink companies, even down to making soft drinks sound like part of a balanced diet.  According to the marketing messages, added vitamins and minerals make the carbonated beverages more functional.  But do they?  Read on to learn more: 1.  Keeping in mind that beverages are one of the causes of overweight and obese problems in most kids and adults, Read more

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches

If you take your lunch to work you have made the first greatest choice in saving time, saving money and yes, saving calories for at least one meal of the day.  It’s easy to decide to skip lunch when you have deadlines at work and seem to be too busy to even think about eating a nutritious meal, but lunch is a very important meal that keeps you from making thoughtless (and guilty) decisions later for dinner.  Planning and preparation.
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What type of juice is best for you?  Or should you steer clear of all juices and just drink water when you feel thirsty?  Read the following facts on some common juices and make your informed decision: Apple Juice- While it tastes great with your eggs and toast, you won't get as many nutrients from it as a whole apple or from other juices.  On the other hand it does have polyphenols (antioxidants shown to fight cancer), potassium and iron.  It contains about 117 calories in.
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If you drive a car, you know that it requires regular, routine maintenance in order to perform well. When you miss an oil change or a tune up, or decide that the tires will have to last one more season, you are making a decision by not taking action since inaction is ultimately the same as making a decision. The same principle applies to your body—it requires regular, routine maintenance or it will not perform well. Read the following points to help you.
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While interval training has been around for years (also known as "fartlek" training), few of us really know the real benefits of it and whether or not this type of training fits in with what we are trying to accomplish in terms of our weight loss, weight gain or maintenance goals. Hopefully these few tips will help you figure out if it is for you:
1. Interval training works both the aerobic and anaerobic systems in your body. The term 'anaerobic' means without oxygen.
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