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senior blog...research in Pennsylvania suggests, no.

According to researchers at Penn State and Geisinger Healthcare System dieting in folks 75 and over doesn’t seem to have much effect on their overall health.  We thought this was quite interesting.  We have become quite food and body aware these days and that's something that's something that's relevant to all age groups.  Just because we are food and body "aware" doesn't mean we do anything about.

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senior healthy eatingJust like when we are kids, our food tastes and preferences change over the years as well as the number calories we need at various stages in life.  We also have a need for different nutrients at different ages.  As we age, and with such a large number of "baby boomers" over 55 and above, there's a lot of increased information "out there" about how you should eat when.

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summer-body-workout-400x400With Spring officially in full swing, its time to boost your workout and get your body in shape for summer. As summer vacations and barbecues fast approach, so does hot weather and swimming suits or lighter clothing.  It can take 6-10 weeks to start seeing real results from an exercise regimen, and most of those early changes aren’t even visible.  So the time to start is NOW! Read the following pointers to help you look.
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family mealWe found this pretty fascinating! As if mom's didn't have enough to focus on already! Here's a study from WSU that indicates another way in which mother's have a strong impact on their children's habits and choices.  Mom's eating habits and dinner table behavior can influence your child's risk of obesity according to new research from Washington State University. "...moms who eat when they are already full and also show.
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Cardio Dance: This video will have you shaking your hips and shoulders and make you forget you are exercising! Upbeat Latin music with reggaeton, salsa, merengue and other dance types.

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