Are YOU getting all the fruits and veggies you should?

Eating a balanced diet can be a challenge sometimes because there are just too many food distractions out there, especially during the holidays.  Fruits and vegetables as we all know are an integral part of any diet and pack all kinds of amazing health benefits.  You know that you should be getting at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  While that SHOULD be easy, we all know that many times it isn’t.  Here’s a terrific list of shortcuts for getting those five servings a day into YOUR eating plan.  Comment and tell us how you do it.  What are some ways you fit in all of your fruits and vegetables in a day?  I like to make sure I eat at least one large salad every day and I’m a big fan of smoothies with berries.  I also love frozen blueberries!! At our house, we always have a green vegetable with dinner from broccoli to green beans to a veggie plate.  When I’m organized enough, if I’ve cut up some celery and cucumbers…those make great go-to snacks!  I think preparation is definitely the key to making sure you get all the fruits and vegetables you need in a day.  Cutting up items in advance and making them easy to get to is one great approach.  I’ve also read that putting those “good for you” foods at eye level in your refrigerator make you more likely to grab them.

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