90 Day Success Express Book

If you would like to get more clients using a proven system for building a personal training client base in just 90 days, check out our new book 90 Day Success Express.

“This 90-day system to develop a client base provides a wealth of practical insights, direction, encouragement, and specific procedures for any trainer who desires success at the highest level! Whether a seasoned professional or beginner, this book is worth reading and keeping as a reference guide.”*

Charlene Mais
Los Angeles, California

“I’ve always heard the terms ‘networking’ and ‘referrals’ thrown around but never really had a step-by-step guide how to go about it. After reading and putting the principles in the book into practice, I have learned how to power-network in just a few weeks and already have increased my client base. In a small country like Bermuda, where word of mouth is more effective than print media, the strategies in this book are invaluable.”*

Teresa Whitter

“Consistency is key to business and personal life success. The Ninety Day Success Express provides practical guidelines and real life “how-to” examples of how to build a business and succeed in a very challenging industry!”*

Kerri Salazar
Denver, CO


 $35.99 + shipping

Abbreviated Table of Contents

Chapter One
The 90-Day System…. 1
Being coachable… 2
Effective time management… 3
Why 90 days?… 5

Chapter Two
First Steps…. 7
What it means to develop a client base…. 7
Why developing a loyal client base is important… 9
Understanding Commitment… 9
Understanding time requirements…. 10

Chapter Three
Immediate Objectives… 11
Creating a name… 11
Tough, but realistic goals… 13
30-day goals…. 15
Second 30-day goals… 18
Final 30 day goals… 21

Chapter Four
What Next?… 25
Starting in “Survival Mode”… 25
[I’m not in survival mode] 25
Define objectives… 30
Define surroundings and geographic region…. 30
Determine client base size…. 35

 $35.99 + shipping

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