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I like to make it SUPER easy to hit the gym at any time, which helps eliminate any excuses NOT to go.  I always have a pair of sneakers and a workout outfit in my trunk at all times.  Since I like to play tennis I keep my racquet and a few tennis balls back there too.  Convenience is so important when you are trying to stick to a routine and be consistent!!!! Infographics provided.
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February of each year, we celebrate American Heart Month. The first heart month occurred in Feb of 1964 after it was proclaimed by President Lyndon B Johnson. Since then, Congress has regulated the President of the United States to make an annual proclamation designating February of each year as American Heart Month. Despite all the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, this organ still is the number one cause of death worldwide. In the US alone the numbers are staggering:  
  • Each year.
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