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We're just days away from the NFL season opener, and for some it's the best time of the year. The jerseys come out of the closet, the fantasy rosters fire up on the laptop, the grill is sizzling on high, and the coldest beers are unearthed from the bottom of the cooler. Yes, football is a staple of fall, but it's not exactly kind to our waistline. Carbs and calories from booze and delicious barbecue make our guts expand faster than Eddie Murphy from "The Nutty.
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Want to lose weight? Monitor your heart rate? Count the number of your steps you walk? Your smartphone helps you do all of these things. With various apps and advances, smartphones remove the guesswork and create fitness tools to help you take your health seriously. Over half of adult smartphone owners use them for medical and health information, according to Who Is Hosting This, which shows that tracking fitness is more than a trend. Now are you curious about what features will put the zing.
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These five power foods are extra important for women. Try and add these to you meals to help you feel great


Why to try: Vegetarians praise edamame as a high-protein snack, but each little pod is also a nutritional superstar for keeping our heart health in check. Research suggests that edamame’s soy protein content and its antioxidant is oflavone compounds may reduce total and bad cholesterol levels. Edamame also contains heart-healthy omega-3s and 30 percent of your recommended daily dose of cholesterol-lowering fibre in one cup, helping.
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