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Have you ever considered how many New Year’s Eve holidays many of us have used to make new fitness or weight loss goals?  Have you been able to stick with your resolutions past March or April?  January is typically known for setting new goals relating to physical health, but why wait until then?  The fall season is a GREAT time to start or revamp your fitness program because you will create new habits that can last through the tough holiday season which.

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Physical Fitness Benefits Muscles and Mind

It’s no secret that hitting the gym or pounding the pavement can promote weight loss, improve cardiovascular health and build muscle, but, in addition to physical benefits, working out can help with matters of the mind as well. For some time now, scientists have researched the link between exercise and brain function. Studies have shown that exercise can provide some significant mental benefits..
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Getting healthy can feel like such a process. First you need to buy all of your workout gear, then you have to shell out a few paychecks for that really nice juicer your friend recommended, and let's not forget about actually working out at some point. But why complicate things? Starting on the path to a healthier you is easier than it looks.
Each time you walk into a grocery store, or perhaps even open your fridge, there are small.
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