The convenience of an ongoing onsite fitness class, seminar or workshop offers increased moral, greater participation and improved biometrics leading to insurance premium reductions.  Participants will commit to an onsite fitness class because it is convenient, affordable and offers motivation and accountability.  Here are a list of classes that we offer at your  work location; schedule a consultation or contact us to learn more:

Corporate Exercise Classes

Power Pack- A boot camp style workout that will challenge your cardiovascular system with interval challenges, and tone your muscles with resistance training. All levels welcome.

Zumba- Wanna Have Fun While Working Out? Zumba®! Zumba® fuses hypnotic latin, pop and international rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic dance fitness program that will blow you away. No previous dance experience required.

Core and More- Conditioning for all of the muscles that comprise the core region using strength training, and balance and stability challenges.

Yoga-Express the art of yoga through body and mind, while reducing everyday stress.

Lower Body Conditioning- Toning and strengthening for all the muscles from the waist down.

Total Body Reshape -A combination of cardiovascular and resistance training to redefine and reshape all areas of your body.

Low Impact Cardio- A low impact aerobic class that will challenge you but at a lower impact level. Class will also include minor work on balance and resistance training. This is for all levels and abilities.


Corporate Wellness Challenges

We also offer online wellness challenges through our portal.  Each employee receives a unique login and password to track their activity, cigarette consumption, stress levels and more.Our fitness challenges including physical activity, walking, biking, stress management, and other types of  challenges to keep your employees motivated and participating.  Online tracking helps them log their activity from anywhere and is convenient for groups that have different work schedules and locations.

Challenge Examples